Exports and Import – POAT Co. deal in are followings:
Fresh Coconut, Basic spices, Organic Vegetables & Fruits & Packed Foods
Yes, We don’t do our own branding; we can pack for you under your label and offer a variety of packing options – See our Products & Packaging options.
Yes, POAT Co. represent the largest farmer at Pollachi in the Indian State of Kerala (one of the best in the world)
Yes. POAT Co. Certifies that all it products are Sudan I – IV free and Para Red free.
Yes, we ship both basic Spice and Customize blends spice according to your requirement.
No, we have the expertise to provide customize Service, We create any type of seasoning or blend and pack according you require.
We are happy to provide service to hotels and other food service institutions. We have a variety of packaging options including small poly packs, in addition to our bulk packing. We can provide basic spices & blended spices. – See our Customer Relationship Link.
Yes. Every product you buy out of POAT Co. passes documented quality checks. When there is a problem, our system is powerful enough to have traceability all the way back to the farmer/supplier from it was purchased.
Yes, We provide you FPBD of where you can know the Product detail and place order in percentage, – See our FPBD note under Customer Relationship Link.
Yes. POAT Co. supply fully organic Vegetables with 0% Pesticides & Chemical used and best in world. We can provide Global G.P.A Certificates or any other inspection certificate that buyer need.See our Organic Products link

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